Polyurethane is a versatile material, which comes in countless forms in many everyday objects.
Its various applications have improved the quality of our life, by increasing comfort, safety, design, reproducibility and the resistance of objects in which it is present.

Since 1974 Fasipol has been witnessing the evolution of this material and of its history through its moulding activity, using different polyurethane formulations for the manufacturing of components dedicated to different market sectors.

icona_prodotti_fasipolFasipol Products

POLSAFE to ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety
ROLLER to… convey fruit and vegetables

The advantages of polyurethane

It is soft and comfortable, but can also be rigid and load-bearing, it is fireproof, elastic and highly resistant to breakage…

Alternative technology

Articles created today in metal sheeting, fibreglass, wood, rubber, or that are thermoformed… can all be created in polyurethane!

We create your ideas

Having listened carefully to its Customers’ needs, Fasipol studies the design and functionality of new products and creates them using the best materials.