POLSAFE® – Shock-absorbing protection systems

PolSafe® identifies those Safety Elements patented by Fasipol consisting in guards for the sharp metallic edges on the rear part of guardrails located next to cycle lanes.
Thanks to this kind of protection, it is possible to avoid risks deriving from the contact with such metallic parts, and to reduce and cushion the impact on cyclists and pedestrians, caused by their accidental collision with the rear part of the guardrail.

  • General Information
  • Technical Information

  • Protections are made of semi-rigid mass-coloured polyurethane, and are complete with metallic inserts where needed.
  • Extremely shock-absorbent.
  • Their assembly requires the use of holes already existing on the guardrail, to which they are fastened through zinc-coated bolts.
  • Their use does not compromise the structure and resistance of the guardrail in any way.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Possibility to modify them according to the specific structural characteristics of already installed guardrails.
  • Rapid and easy installation.


  • Polyurethane system based on 100% reduction of CFC11 and HCFC;
  • Zero impact on the ozone layer: O.D.P Ozone Depletion Potential = 0;
  • Can be moulded with different densities and softness ranging from 40 to 70 Shore A;
  • Good resistance to weather conditions;
  • Good resistance to outside temperatures from – 20°C to +70°C;
  • Good resistance to UV rays;
  • Waste Classification: NON-HAZARDOUS – European Waste Code: 070213;
  • Recyclable waste.


  • All the metal parts allowing fastening to already-existing holes on the guardrail are zinc-coated and are themselves equipped with the protection; therefore they do not represent a risk for users.