About us

High definition versatility

Fasipol continues to find and propose new solutions to its customers in response to different market needs.

For this reason, it offers a full consultancy service, from design of the mould to development of the finished product, working in close collaboration with key manufacturers of polyurethane formulations.

The company boasts fifteen latest-generation foaming machines and specialises in the working of different type of polyurethane.
Its long-term experience allows Fasipol to stand out in the production of components that need to be of high technical precision, high quality and have an excellent aesthetic, surface finish.

Fasipol has certified its Quality System in accordance with regulation UNI EN ISO 9001, guaranteeing the constant control and continuous improvement of all company processes.


icona_fasipol_bigWe have developed synergies and collaborations with our strategic suppliers in order to guarantee our Customers the broadest support.


icona_fasipol_big We can boast well-established and long-lasting commercial partnerships with important national and international Customers.