Polyurethane is an extraordinary material due to its versatility and resistance.

Chameleon-like, it can be expanded, compact, structural, rigid, semi-rigid, soft or flexible.

It can be found:

  • at home
    (furnishing components, stuffing, lamps, heat insulation and more),
  • in the workplace
    (furnishing components, computer monitors, industrial machinery components, etc.),
  • in pastime activity equipments
    (equipment for sports, boating, skiing),,
  • in clothing
    (shoes, technical fabrics and more)

  • in health and hospital sector
    (furniture and equipment),
  • in transports
    (cars, trains, planes, motorbikes, bikes)
  • in safety field
    (anti-slip platforms, protection and covering of metal parts, cable cross protectors, and more).