What we offer

The 6 steps that support the Customer in the realization of the Polyurethane Product:

For Fasipol, consultancy primarily means listening and understanding the customer’s needs, to be able to find and propose the best solution.

Each project combines high-performing functionality, technology and aesthetics with cutting edge design.

Fasipol takes particular care in the creation of the mould in order to guarantee precision, quality and aesthetic excellence.

Moulding is at the heart of our company and constant control of its processing parameters ensures reliability, constancy and repeatability.

The moulding of mass-coloured polyurethane with IMC technology in Mould Coating to satisfy high-level colour and aesthetic needs while avoiding post-mould painting

Post-mould painting available upon costumer’s request. And every type of personalisation of the PU mould using tampography

Fasipol has gained experience across a wide range of market sector, studying and creating thousands of different components: from biomedical, to furniture and design, via the food industry and even road safety.